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Vanity from Seconddivisionvet (Freerepublic)

"Was ObamaCare our Pearl Harbor?
FreeRepublic's Vainglorius Vanity Vault | August 23, 2009 | 2ndDivisionVet, special to FreeRepublic

Posted on Sunday, August 23, 2009 3:01:37 PM by 2ndDivisionVet

It was supposed to be so easy. Our nation's first openly black president was elected amidst thunderous cheers of joy from the Fourth Estate (the media for those of you in Rio Linda), the easily swayed, the Intelligentsia, Academia, College Students, the Unions, the Hard Left, those with White Guilt and, of course, the Black Community.

With both houses of Congress firmly in Democratic Party Control, it seemed at last that the Utopian, Statist, Green, anti-Military agenda of the Democrats since at least 1972 could at last be implimented. With 98% of the media firmly at their side, with the Sheeple content to watch TV and let their betters make all decisions for them, it was a slam dunk. But something funny happened on the way to Socialist Shangri-La: A few of the Sheeple got up on their hind legs and started raising a ruckus. How could this be?

Our first black president™ was up in arms! How dare these bitter clingers disrupt our march to destiny? What evil corporation was behind these townhall protests? Strange accusation, of course, since Mr. Obama had already cut a deal with the health insurance, drug and medical industries. Charges of Astroturfing, hand-wringing over citizens bearing arms legally, accusations of Un-Americanism from the House Speaker and Majority Leader, cries of "evil-mongering" from the Senate Majority Leader all ran like water off a duck's back to the "Angry Mobs" concerned that this was all going too fast, that we were losing the America we grew up in, and that healthcare would surely be rationed and denied under ObamaCare.

Along with the millions of concerned citizens that took time out of their busy lives to show up at their representative's townhall meeting (when they had the guts to have one), certain leaders emerged to speak for those unable to. Chief among those were Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Governor Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin and Fox News. Faced with a similar situation twenty years ago, conservatives and other concerned Americans would have been nearly voiceless and powerless to stop the speeding train that is Obamunism. The big three networks, the newsweeklies and the newspapers would have assured us that Mr. Obama only has our best interests at heart and is doing everything he can to clean up the huge mess that the GOP left him. I suppose we should all write a thank-you e-mail to Vice President Gore for inventing the Internet and freeing us from the chains of Cronkite-ism.

Will this be our Pearl Harbor or 9/11? Will the "ram it down their throats" agenda of the Left finally awaken the sleeping giant, the "silent majority" that is usually too busy watching American Idol and holding down the sofa to care about what's going on in Washington? Only time will tell, but the trends are favorable, don't you think?"

I am thinking of this more as the equivalent of the Germans being stopped at Moscow. If we allow Obama to have this, they will continue to blitz us and pass amnesty, gun control, disarmament for our military, and other socialist programmes. Just like if the Russians lost at Moscow, the war for them would have been over. Either way, it is time to wake up, get in gear, and prepare for more, larger battles, ones that we will eventually win.

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