Monday, August 24, 2009

A message from Ashleigh (and some commentary)


Hey Everyone!

Wow! What a whirlwind…

I’ve had to seek the sources to make a business in only a few days—not necessarily a bad problem to have, but an unexpected one, nonetheless. I put in the mass order today and they are working overtime for me to get those finished quickly—this week. I am also picking up some tomorrow. Turns out, this has to be more than a one girl show, and I’ve been blessed with some incredible people, who are willing to help me anyway they can. With that said, we will be working diligently to bring you a truly buyer friendly environment, with security beyond the limits of pay pal. So for those of you who want to jump into these shirts right now, just HANG TIGHT! It’ll be up just as soon as I’m confident that we can process them in a very fast and efficient way. We are handling the surge in a very methodical way (I’m so OCD…) and I want to clear some of these orders out before I begin processing new ones—look for it back up this week. I know many are you are anxious to get them before the March on Washington, and I hope I can make that happen. But just remember: Washington is not the end. It’s just the beginning.

With that said, I hope to turn Matter Now into so much more than t-shirts. I hope to create an organization that will both encourage young American conservatives to stand, as well as connect with the generations of our parents and grandparents. If we’re all in this together, we can and we will accomplish so much more. Thank you for your support. I am truly overwhelmed, but will work diligently to serve my country in any and every way that I’m capable. Together, we’ll turn this mess around.

You are the greatest people on the face of this Earth and I hope to meet as many of you as possible.

Ashleigh Kenny"

I, this blog and the Free Republic and Former Protest Warrior community are here to help in any way and shape possible.

Here are some posters. Go put them up in your local coffee shop, local bulletin board, college campus, or high school.

(Warning-MS word documents!)
Your Free Health Care is HERE!!!

RIP US Constitution

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