Friday, November 14, 2008

Obama owns up to being in Wrights church weekly, heard God ---- America speech

This is just great...

Monday, November 10, 2008

New Mission for Citizens for Truth and the American Way

The new mission of this blog, Citizens for Truth and the American Way (Therefore referred to as CfTAA) is to:
1. Promote conservative candidates and ideals
2. Fight the far leftists in Congress and the Presidency
3. Fight the far left in this country (AKA Moonbats)
4. Support our troops
5. Fight for the ideals that make America the greatest nation on this Earth.

Newt for RNC chair???

Newt Gingrich for RNC chair??? Support is growing for the man who created the "Contract With America" and led the Conservative Revolution to become the chair of the Republican National Committee. I think it is a good idea to have someone with the experience in rallying the troops to be at the lead.

For more info, check out:

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fixing the GOP

The Republicans lost badly on November 4th because it strayed too far from conservative values. The GOP needs to return to its conservative roots to have any chance of being able to effectively win office. This is the same tactics that the Democrats used successfully to win this year. The Dems stuck to their values and were able to effectively package and market it to the USA.

The Republicans need to rebrand by looking at its past successes and planning for the future. The two time periods to look at are the Reagan ideals and the Contract With America. We also need our own "50 state straggly" and start reaching out to conservatives in the bluest of states. We also need to band together, with Values voters banding together with Second Amendment supporters and fiscal conservatives. Keep the RHINO's at bay on national tickets.

In 2010, we need to revise our game plan. We need to start recruiting early and getting people to the polls. The only way we will have enough support is to have a platform that us conservatives can believe in and are willing to sacrifice for. Same thing goes for 2012, when we need a Presidential candidate that can rally the troops and doesn't alienate them at every turn (think McCain).

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama won... Why it happened

Yes, we know that Obama and the Democrats won..

Here's why.

1. The Democrats had a much larger and a very effective ground game
2. The Democrats had a much larger pool of money (Both Obama, DNC, and state parties/527's)
3. The Main Stream Media was in Obama's pocket, and McCain didn't know how to handle the media properly
4. The economic meltdown.

1. The Dems had an effective ground game....The dems learned from their mistakes in 2004 from having various 527's do their work. The 527's this year had links to Obama's website and the DNC encouraging people looking to volunteer to do so for the party, not the 527. This was not a problem because unlike 2004 with Kerry, Obama's policies match that of the netroots. The Dems also inherated many of the tactics of the 527's, including deploying PDA's with volunteers and staff in the field. On the other hand, McCain and the RNC had trouble recruiting volunteers for it's ground game, and very poor lines of communication.

2. The Dems and Obama had the money... Obama didn't tie himself to campaign finance limits, therefore allowing him to raise unlimited funds. Furthermore, he may have gotten funds from overseas. The DNC and Senate/House races were also lavishly funded. McCain decided to take the public financing, and the GOP had to pick up most of the slack for this, making it unable to help out House/Senate races.

3. The MSM was in the pocket for Obama throughout the election. We all know this has to do with the markets that these outfits operate in, and the reporter's background. However, the MSM was especially viscious against McCain and Palin (and Joe the Plumber), and gave issues about Obama a pass. It also didn't help that McCain and Palin didn't know how to use the media effectivly.

4. The obvious one...The economy. Candidates of the incumbent party historically never do well during economic turmoil.