Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama won... Why it happened

Yes, we know that Obama and the Democrats won..

Here's why.

1. The Democrats had a much larger and a very effective ground game
2. The Democrats had a much larger pool of money (Both Obama, DNC, and state parties/527's)
3. The Main Stream Media was in Obama's pocket, and McCain didn't know how to handle the media properly
4. The economic meltdown.

1. The Dems had an effective ground game....The dems learned from their mistakes in 2004 from having various 527's do their work. The 527's this year had links to Obama's website and the DNC encouraging people looking to volunteer to do so for the party, not the 527. This was not a problem because unlike 2004 with Kerry, Obama's policies match that of the netroots. The Dems also inherated many of the tactics of the 527's, including deploying PDA's with volunteers and staff in the field. On the other hand, McCain and the RNC had trouble recruiting volunteers for it's ground game, and very poor lines of communication.

2. The Dems and Obama had the money... Obama didn't tie himself to campaign finance limits, therefore allowing him to raise unlimited funds. Furthermore, he may have gotten funds from overseas. The DNC and Senate/House races were also lavishly funded. McCain decided to take the public financing, and the GOP had to pick up most of the slack for this, making it unable to help out House/Senate races.

3. The MSM was in the pocket for Obama throughout the election. We all know this has to do with the markets that these outfits operate in, and the reporter's background. However, the MSM was especially viscious against McCain and Palin (and Joe the Plumber), and gave issues about Obama a pass. It also didn't help that McCain and Palin didn't know how to use the media effectivly.

4. The obvious one...The economy. Candidates of the incumbent party historically never do well during economic turmoil.

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