Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fixing the GOP

The Republicans lost badly on November 4th because it strayed too far from conservative values. The GOP needs to return to its conservative roots to have any chance of being able to effectively win office. This is the same tactics that the Democrats used successfully to win this year. The Dems stuck to their values and were able to effectively package and market it to the USA.

The Republicans need to rebrand by looking at its past successes and planning for the future. The two time periods to look at are the Reagan ideals and the Contract With America. We also need our own "50 state straggly" and start reaching out to conservatives in the bluest of states. We also need to band together, with Values voters banding together with Second Amendment supporters and fiscal conservatives. Keep the RHINO's at bay on national tickets.

In 2010, we need to revise our game plan. We need to start recruiting early and getting people to the polls. The only way we will have enough support is to have a platform that us conservatives can believe in and are willing to sacrifice for. Same thing goes for 2012, when we need a Presidential candidate that can rally the troops and doesn't alienate them at every turn (think McCain).

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